• Gin Bottle Lamps

    Hi all - I'm very new to lamp making (just the one so far!!) but am keen to make a few more after a post Christmas glut of gin bottles Have...

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    Started by ppflamingo

  • Made some lamps. Selling issues?

    Hi. I've made a few lamps out of empty gin bottles. Some using simple battery led strings, some with a kit off here with a vintage type bulb in, and...

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    Started by Dave

  • 1/2" thread

    Can someone please tell me what 1/2" thread is in the base of a lamp holder. On a project at the moment and don't wish to use 1/2" to 10mm...

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    Started by Nigel Griffin

  • Advice please, Do i need to earth a glavinised metal conduit through box when using a Batten Lampholder

    Hi All, I'm connecting a Brass E27 | ES | Edison Screw Batten Lampholder to a glavinised metal conduit through boxs, (4 of them in a row) ...

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    Started by Paul

  • Replacement part advice needed

    Hi. My first time here. Can anyone advise me on replacing the bulbholder in the attached photo, please? (sorry if that is the wrong term). The...

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    Started by Davidicus

  • I need some help please

    I have just found this site and am looking for some help if you can please. I want to make a parchment table lamp (something like in the photo) so am...

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    Started by dunsberrys

  • GU10

    Can I run a GU10 lampholder direct from a 13amp plug with a 3amp fuse. I want to insert the GU10 bulb in an old camera lens.

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    Started by Mac TwentyTwo

  • Qualification / certification required?

    Hi all, I have re-wired and restored a couple of old industrial lamps for my own use, and now would like to do the same for re-sale. Do i need any...

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    Started by markb

  • Earth wire

    Probably a very dumb question but I have no shame in admitting my ignorance! I'm trying to wire up an ES Half threaded black lampholder and don't...

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    Started by Kevlar

  • Modular Tubing

    I have been trying to find 10-15mm diameter (brass or chrome) tubes with fittings - the best I can describe what I want is miniature scaffolding. I...

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    Started by Wynkin de Worde

  • 5 + 1 Ceiling plates

    Just a few questions about multi outlet ceiling plates. If you don't want to use the middle one and you remove the cable grip is there anything to...

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    Started by David Parton

  • Lumens and LED filament bulbs

    Hi All, I took delivery of my lampspares stuff today (excellent shipping speed might I add!) and have been doing some research on what bulb to get...

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    Started by degausser

  • G40 light bulbs

    Hi - does anyone know if it's possible to get the equivalent of USA G40 5" opaque bulbs in the UK?

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    Started by AlexS

  • Vintage style edison lamps using Science Equipment

    Hi, I'm new to lamp-making & this is my first forum post. I am a physics teacher and I would like to make some vintage style edison lamps for my...

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    Started by Jimbob

  • West German 1960s double bulb lamps

    I do a lot of work on rewiring West German lamps from the 1960s - the kind with a bulb in the base as well as on top. At the moment, I have to drill...

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    Started by AlexS

  • where can I get a lamp cluster body?

    Hi... I have 3 small lamposts and a matching wall light each with lanterns fixed to the top. Inside the lantern is a brass plated, 3 arm cluster body...

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    Started by bobbydazzler

  • hanging bottles

    Hi just wondered what was the best way of hanging bottles as shades. Is the best way with bootom cut off and just have it sat on top of the lamp...

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    Started by David Parton

  • Fused glass lamp

    Hi I'm a glass artist and was wondering if you had any product that would hold a piece of glass and enable a light to be put behind it- hang from it...

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    Started by Ynysys

  • lamp kit 8 -

    can anyone recommend what size drill bit to use to core through the wooden base i'm going to use for lamp kit 8 Thanks

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    Started by madkarter