Here are the parts to add a Kit 21 but with a 28-30mm bung for a larger bottle hole. This list also has a 38mm spacer on top of the bung to raise the lampholder.

 1 x Rubber Bung For Lampholder Vase Fixing 29-32mm [05021 PLU61354] £4.99
1 x Black 3 Core With In Line Switch & Plug 2.5m Long [C4/303/17/8 BL PLU82994] £4.99
1 x Chrome BC Un-Switched Lampholder 10mm Entry [1003EC PLU98466] £2.99
1 x Chrome Nut Cover for 10mm Backplates [7060C PLU7572] £0.69
1 x Black Plastic Hole Grommet [5.703.104.BLK PLU15559] £0.19
1 x Round Core Flex Strain Relief [017241 PLU95115] £0.09
1 x 38mm Nickel Spacer with Male & Female 10mm Threads [SU1990C PLU97461] £2.99
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