I was having a look on amazon being nosy seeing how much money to spend to Christmas [frown]
When i stumbled across this little beauty!!

wiring error.jpg 

I almost fell off my chair in horror.
Lets break this down into some small chunks.
1: not a very good switch if it does not even turn off the light (lives are just joined together) no real problem.
2: switching the earth [eek] [nono][nono] just NO
3: if you read the description it says on the 3rd bullet point down " if using a 2 core cable/flex ignore the earth terminal.. but but but that means nothing will be switching oh well at least the inline switch looks the part on the cable.
4: Look hoe clode the bare wire on the earth is to the live post.
5: [thumb] Looks on the bright side the neutral is in the right place.

I know its only a picture but still worth a shout i had a good laugh at work today other this.
Might have to print it and put it up on the wall of shame.
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