Hi all - I'm very new to lamp making (just the one so far!!) but am keen to make a few more after a post Christmas glut of gin bottles [biggrin] 
Have attached a photo of the one and only but had a few issues. I used a 10mm drill bit but the cord grip (10mm Male Thread 167 PLU2834) was very loose and needed glueing in. I measured the bottle opening diameter as 18mm and bought a rubber bung (16-18mm 05435 PLU63983) this was also very loose and I ended up wrapping it with insulation tapes and stuffing it into the neck of the bottle (desperation!) - anybody else made lamp with a Hendricks gin bottle???. Last question - is there a trick to threading 3 core braided & twisted cable through the bung because it really did not want to go and took a heck of a lot of persuasion. Would really like some advice - especially about the bung as I need to order some more fixings. Hope to get a reply soon - love the website.
  photo (20).JPG
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David Parton
Hi just talking from past experiences your cord grip hole will be loose from drift on the drilling but you haven't a thread on the bottle to screw into so I'd be happy with the glue there. With the bung you know you can expand the diameter by tightening the top and bottom nuts. I like to get it quit tight before putting in and then tightening some more if the lower nut doesn't spin. I found with threading the cable through the bung it was just easier to strip the braid of the length going through and untwist it also.
Hope that helps
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Thank you, David, for your prompt and very helpful reply. Didn't realise you could tighten the bottom nut if the bung before insertion. Will try all your suggestions on bottle lamp mark 2!!
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Hi ppflamigo and welcome to the forum.
Yes there is a nut to tighten up should do the trick nicley.
This is something i need to add to the site (1 of the many things i need todo) we normally say that you cant put twisted cable in as it is very tricky.

I like the light looks very nice.
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I realise this is an old thread but wondered if anyone could help me - I'm looking to do the same to a Hendricks bottle and would love to know the kit/colour used in the picture above!
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