Hi All,

I took delivery of my lampspares stuff today (excellent shipping speed might I add!) and have been doing some research on what bulb to get for my new light.

I want the filament to be visible and am debating between traditional incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs. I think LED's longevity will surpass the want for the more creative styles available in more traditional bulbs, however, i have a question regarding filament visibility and lumens.

From what I gather, there are a number of LED filament style bulbs. however, these vary in power and I was wondering what the optimum lumens output would be to achieve aesthetically pleasing filaments versus functionality as a light.

Would I be right in thinking that 200 lumens is practical to read by? Would it be too powerful to enjoy the aesthetic aspect of the visible filament though?


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I found this chart on the net. Think 200 lumens may be too low.

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