Hi. I've made a few lamps out of empty gin bottles. Some using simple battery led strings, some with a kit off here with a vintage type bulb in, and one or if 15mm copper tube, with the bulb holder from here.

I found a local arty crafty shop, who would rent me shelf space to sell them... But a question had been raised about trademark infringement and safety testing, before they will stock them.

I'm happy the battery ones need no electrical test.
I'm also happy to pat test the 240v ones. The Gov website says that items sold as 'second hand' don't need technical docs or type approval? Is that a suitable workaround? I've produced a lengthy 'safety instructions' document to try and negate any future 'the curtains touched the bulb and burnt my house down' claims...

This is only a hobby, that was supposed to be self-financing...!

As for trademarks... If I make it explicitly clear that the lamps are not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated or licensed... There's a 'nominative fair use' exemption, right?

So for those that make and then sell... How do???
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