Wynkin de Worde
I have been trying to find 10-15mm diameter (brass or chrome) tubes with fittings - the best I can describe what I want is miniature scaffolding. I would especially like swivel joints with wing nuts. I would also consider something similar to Meccano. Any ideas folks?
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Hi Wynkin,
I think you might struggle with the lengths of pipe needed, i think you might struggle to source them.
Maybe a chat to a pipe manufacturer.
May be worth asking these guys if they do anything in 10-15mm http://www.electrix.co.uk
I think they only do 20mm.

We are looking into getting swivel joints with wing nuts but will be in brass.

If you list what lengths your after i can always ask our supplier as they make custom metal parts for us always worth an ask.

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Wynkin de Worde
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