Hi there

I have an old standard lamp that has stopped working. I have checked the plug, the fuse and tried many bulbs, but it's still not working. So, I am going to replace the socket and the lead, but I wondered if you could tell me which of the lampholder kits would be best. I have attached images of the parts I need to replace.

Many thanks


Hi Louise


It looks like the faulty part would be the lampholder so you will need to change that part. However the flex needs to be a 3 core as the lampholder is metal so these are the parts you will need.

One point, you need to confirm the diameter of the male thread that the lampholder screws onto is 10mm

 1 x BC Brass Switched Lampholder 10mm Entry [1013E] £3.49
1 x Gold Un-Switched 3 Core With Plug 3.5m Long [C4/2.5M/0.75 GO PLU41918] £4.99
1 x Flex Cord Grip For Round and Flat Flex [5.715.3.B PLU60438] £0.18

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