Hi all

If you want to turn a bottle into a lamp but don't want to drill the bottle for the flex you can use a spacer that has a cord grip and a side hole. This spacer will sit under the lampholder. I have added a few bits that you could use. These parts are for a 19-22mm bottle hole but this bung could be changed for a different size. The flex is Gold but again you could have a different size.
Let me know if you need help.

 1 x Brass BC Un-Switched Lampholder 10mm Entry [1003E PLU90251] £2.59
1 x Brass Side Entry Cord Grip for Side Wiring of a Lampholder [3201 PLU71739] £7.99
1 x Rubber Bung 19-22mm With 10mm Allthread [05326 special PLU49409] £4.99
1 x Brass Nut Cover for 10mm Backplates [7060 PLU71182] £0.39
1 x Gold 3 Core With In Line Switch & Plug 2.5m Long [C4/303/17/8 GO PLU92474] £4.99
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