Nick Jones

A customer in the US/Canada wants to buy one of my lamps. I have the 110/120v bulb, Nema 5-15 plug and 110/120v dimmer but the cable is your 0.75mm cable. Searching online it appears the US/Canada like to use 18awg cable which comes out at 0.8mm just over. 

Would the 3 core 0.75mm cable be ok to use?
I also have a length of 0.5mm cable but think that might be pushing my luck!
I guess the fact that they don't have fuses in their plugs is throwing me off a bit.[confused]

The lamp is a single 60w bulb table lamp. 


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Hi Nick
Not sure how in the US they protect the flex like we do here with a plug top fuse but I can explain the cable.
Running a 60w lamp here on 230v is approx. 0.24 amps but in the US on 110v a 60w lamp draws approx. 0.54 amps. So you can see why the flex there is slightly larger. However saying that the 0.54 amps the lamp will draw is well under the rating of the flex which is 6 amps under normal use.
Hope this helps.
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