I'm new to lamp-making & this is my first forum post. I am a physics teacher and I would like to make some vintage style edison lamps for my laboratory which would look really cool on open nights. My plan for starters to use old lab glassware (see first photo of a conical (buchner flask actually). I also have round flat-bottomed flasks and a couple of bell jars which would need wooden bases. The end results I want are like the other photos which I got from the Etsy website the US based company. Would anyone else have made these or know of a kit or list of parts I could source to make vintage edison lamps from this glassware? I'd also be grateful if you could tell me the best bit to use for drilling holes in glass.Thanks,
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Hi Jimbob and welcome to the forum sounds like a fun project.

First off what size opening/mouth is the flask? so i can get you the right size bung to hold cable and lampholder.

We have something like this...


Although you will need to tweak this around a bit as you want cable from top of glass not through the bottom.

If we can have the hole size of the flask then we could suggest the best lampholder to fit in.

Many thanks
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