I do a lot of work on rewiring West German lamps from the 1960s - the kind with a bulb in the base as well as on top. At the moment, I have to drill a hole in the bottom ES lampholder to take the cable. Some of the original models also have a plastic tube connecting the two lamps, with a hole halfway up, which means you can wire the bottom lampholder in place, and pull the top one down into place by pulling slack out through the hole in the tube (hope this makes sense). Being able to buy a) ready-drilled ES lampholders and b) plastic tubes with a thread top and bottom and a hole in the side would make my life much easier. Anyone know of anyone making these? 

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Hi Alex
You cant get a lampholder with the hole in the side over here like you can in the States as they don't allow it so you may have to keep drilling. However there is a Hickey like this and when added to some allthreads you can join 2 lampholders together. Not sure if this would be of any help but its a suggestion.
If you get chance pop a photo up here so we can see what you are after.

 1 x Steel Hickey With 10mm Threads [25521 PLU11455] £0.59
1 x Brass 10mm Allthread 13mm Long Hollow Rod [7041 PLU48095] £0.33

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Thanks for that. I suppose drilling isn't really a problem. I'll show you what I mean about the tube when I get a minute. 
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